Volcan: As Cool As The Name Sounds, This Place Is Amazing

No doubt, Volcan is home to the real local experience and extremely raw serene beauty. Not a tourist attraction, but definitely must visit place for people who love outing with least crowd. Nearly 43.1 KMs from David, the roads to the town are beautiful with lively clouds all the way long to Volcan. Being a countryman, this road trip is a treat to enjoy!

As you enter with the welcome signboard, you will notice small houses and businesses on both sides of the roads in all green land. Locals and foreigners walking and riding along on bicycles through the town is quite a common sight here. As I mentioned before, this not so tourist attraction, it makes the place very calm and less chaotic. As we get through the town, you’ll notice that there are no huge supermarkets but one or two small grocery outlets that have everything you need!!

Drive more and you will find that this place is definitely all strawberries!! No kidding!! I could find almost everything that could have strawberry in it HERE! May it be sundae, smoothie or shake? Complete farmland is known for milk, strawberries, cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes and corn etc. are like a paradise to farmers with temperature like spring through the year.

What to explore?

If you like hiking, head up to Volcan Baru for some real outdoor excitement. Explore the locals. Pass through the town and reach the mountains for some extremely serene views from the top.

Where to stay?

With very a few options, I’ll recommend Hostal Brisas del Volcan and Cabana rentals for a friendly and affordable stay.

Where to eat?

I’ll recommend exploring local outlets to eat or else Restaurante Corina is a good option too which is next door to Hostal Brisas.