Villa Nueva: City In Guatemala

Villa Nueva is a beautiful city located in the country of Guatemala. It has a tropical climate. The city is majorly resided by people involved in the secondary sector. Many craftsmen, skilled individuals live here. It is diverse and attracts loads of tourists every year. Thanks to its beautiful and positive environment, it serves to be an amazing destination to get away from busy work schedules and enjoy time in the lap of nature.

United Nations National Park

The United Nations National Park is located in the city of Villa Nueva in Guatemala. I went there early in the morning and it was a 21 kilometers drive. The place has a natural beauty with a diverse variety of flora and fauna. I was surprised by the scenic views that the park had. I also found a library in the park which had books of all genres available. I was surprised to see that the park also offers hiking opportunities. There were also cafes to eat.  UNNS turned out to be a perfect picnic place for me and my family.

Villa Nueva State Park

This State park is formed in the shape of a canyon and has a very fun campground. This canyon is surrounded by the river named Pecos. The place has a good atmosphere. I found a lot of families enjoying their time in VNPS. There was a nice trail for walking available on the river and many families were mostly spending time at the river. I also lounged around Pecos and did some fishing. I also had a lot of fun hiking there. The park also has a playing area for the kids. The place also offers an overnight stay and that proved out pretty good for me as it was a long weekend.  

Nuestra Senora De Guadalupe Church

This is very near to the Villa Nueva State Park. The church is very elegant and simple and has a front of the rock. It also has white walls. For me, this Church of Lady of Guadalupe had a spiritual introspection. It has a remarkable display of faith. I also spotted traditional folk art on the panels of the church. The women who designed these panels had their name embroidered into them and that was the most distinctive characteristic of the church.