Nice: The Beauties In Nice Are Waiting To Be Explored

Nice is a river city in France, which was founded by the Greeks. It is popular for French Riviera, interesting works in art galleries and mouth-watering French cuisine. Apart from the galleries and the French Riviera, here are five must-visit spots from my trip to Nice.

  • Roman Ruins

Roman ruins are no less than the imagination of a particular Roman city, Cemenelum. It has an archaeological museum, a complex full of Roman baths, amphitheater and a rich collection of historical.

  • MAMAC (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) of Nice

It dates back to 1990 only, but the architecture approach is marveling. It is located in the center of Nice, next to the Promenade of Arts. Its modern architecture gives glimpses of various styles such as new realism of Europe, Minimalism and Pop art of America.

  • Notre Dame De Nice

This Neo-Gothic structure was built in! 9th century. It is the largest Church in Nice. A tip, visit it during the night for an enhanced experience with its glistening golden features. The lights and white stones have been used very artistically in this basilica.

  • Jardin Albert 1er

It is a beautiful public garden in Nice. Also, it is one of oldest of gardens in Nice as it dates back to its creation in 1828. As it was summer season when we visited, we were able to attend the theatre de Verdure concert in its open-air space. The lawns have been very diligently trimmed which adds to the beauty of flora around in the garden.

  • Old Town (Vielle Ville)

It gives vibes of a historic medieval village with its lovely character and ambiance. Walks on the cobblestone streets are so relaxing. We bought a lot of souvenirs from the lovely shops around while strolling. The place has a wide range of restaurants and bars. We loved ‘Les Pettis Farcis’ at Gesu restaurant.