Nezahualcoyti – The “Fasting Coyote” City

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Nezahualcoyti is an interesting name for a city, one of the reasons that I was prompted to include it in my list of travels across Mexico. The name means “a coyote who is fasting” and has reference to a philosopher-poet and a warrior ruler who helped form the city in the 15th century.

The city is a municipality as well, of the northeast region of Mexico City. It is a locality that is largest, compared next to Mexico City. As I explored the topography of the city, I realized that the lake Texcoco was the main source of water here and the marshy lands around it were reclaimed during the colonial era to form this city.

Places to Visit

If you take a guided tour of the region, I would suggest that you stop by the Xochiaca dam; there are several picnic spots here and natural landscape to explore; it also showcases lands reclaimed from the marshes surrounding the lake. This city has had a humble beginning but there are certain places worth visiting.

Stop by the Nezahualcoyotl monument which is a unique construction indeed; you can also spend a day at the protected national park at El Tepeyac that is a good outing for families. Parque Del Pueblo Zoological is a local zoo here that has several native and exotic animals living alongside farm animals. 

I had a day of fun by the waterside at Balneario Elba; later on, I stopped by Museo Cabeza de Juarez which is a historical museum of importance. Other places of tourist attraction here are Guerrero Chimalli which is an art museum and the Cathedral Jesus Lord of Mercy.

The city is known to have grown from the slums but today it has a distinct culture of its own.