Lubeck Attractions You should Never Miss

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Lubeck is a heritage city in Germany and should never be missed by foreign travelers. It is a romantic city in Germany that is known for its Gothic architecture, great courtyards, and network of ports.

Major Attractions to Check Out


  • Holstentor


This is an architectural marvel that you should never miss. It guards the western entrance of the town and I was inspired by the Brick Gothic design that was so prevalent in the 15th century. The huge rounded towers are a spectacle to the eye. Inside, it houses a small museum that shows the might of Lubeck.


  • European Hanse Museum


This is a must-visit place if you want to know more about the birth, rise, and fall of the Hanseatic League. It is loaded with historical documents of how this organization ran its show. I enjoyed knowing every bit of history of the Hanseatic League.


  • Theatre Puppet Museum


This is a very old and attractive looking brick building that has the widest collection of puppets that are even a couple of centuries old. It also holds a private collection of Fritz Fey, a popular puppeteer. There are also posters and small stages that depict the culture of various regions.


  • St Peter’s Church


This church first was mentioned in 1170 and then was ruined during the second half of the 20th century. It was restored in 1987 and is a landmark of Lubeck. It is now an exhibition center and a place to hold functions. Its architectural marvel is pleasing to the eyes. Get to the observation platform to enjoy the best Birdseye view of the city.


  • Lübeck Cathedral


I got attracted to this grand old cathedral as soon as my eyes fell on it. It was built in the 12th century by Henry the Lion. The restoration work of this cathedral was completed in 1973. It is a must-visit for those looking to check out the Gothic and Baroque art and architecture.