Izalco: This Volcanic City Is A Wonder

Izalco is a city in El Salvador. The Volcano Izalco is one of the symbols of the country. The volcano is a young volcano on the side of the Santa Volcano. It was active from 1770 to 1966 and hence, was called ‘Lighthouse of the Pacific’, and later it was inactive.

Church of Asuncion of Izalco and Church Dolores de Izalco is the famous churches of the city. The ‘Asuncion Church’ is of Baroque style.

Cerron Verde is a place with hills and beautiful greenery, Sunsets and Sunrises are amazing views to witness from here. You can visit this place and surely come back with a positive spirit with a peaceful feeling. But, we enjoyed the waterproof clothing during winter.

The Calera’ jets is another amazing place to visit with peaceful yet fun things to do. You can visit two waterfalls but be cautious. We saw that there is this tunnel which is connected with both the waterfalls and you can do water sports from here if you carry the required equipment. Be careful.

Lake Coateque is extremely pretty to witness. You should visit it. The water is so comfortable that you can enjoy water stuffs like sailing, diving, swimming, water skiing, and Kayaking. You can also enjoy land sports here, like mountain biking and hiking.

Rio de Montana is a beautiful place which is valued. You can enjoy playing in the water with family and friends. It is an ideal place to relax and yet have fun. It is really peaceful and the water is so soothing.

Los Cobanos is located in Sonsonate. Sonsonate is a beautiful beach in El Salvador and it is a protected area. The Los Cobanos is really good for snorkeling and you can even witness a sight of humpback whales and dolphins.