If You Want To Live In The Costa Rican Way, Then This Is The Place

Jaco is a beautiful beach town situated in the Pacific Coast region of Puntarenas, southwest of San Jose, Costa Rica spreading over 140.4 square kilometers in area. Jaco is known for providing the best surfing in Costa Rica and my old friend Chris with https://thinkmaids.com  told me about coming here.  It tends to attract a remarkable number of surfers annually to the extensive breathtaking beaches and also other active travelers, families, honeymooners, etc. The climate in Jaco is basically humid, with distinct dry and wet seasons among which the month of December to January witnesses the maximum number of tourists rushing on to the small town.

The thing about Jaco is that if properly planned, a trip to this magnificent town could be a marvelous experience. Here is a list of places that I feel, should not be missed during a Jaco trip:

  • Jaco Beach
  • Vista Los Suenos Adventure Park
  • Hermosa Beach
  • Jaco Rainforest Adventures
  • Manuel Antonio National Park
  • Pura Vida Gardens and Waterfalls
  • Mirador de Jaco

I recommend a two week- long vacation is recommended for completely grasping the Jaco experience which includes a whole pack of activities including most importantly surfing, ranging from beginner level to experts; paragliding; clubbing; horse riding; boat kayaking, hiking, etc. Although the town is a bit touristic, the inhabitants, known as Ticos, does not seem to get tired of that at all and are excellent guides, patient, helpful and English speaking. The place is relatively resort centered and expensive compared to other parts of Costa Rica, hence to endure the real Jaco vibes, one must go out and explore the local places, try out the food (especially the several ice cream tastes) and interact with the Ticos.

Despite the drawbacks, Jaco turns out to be one of the ideal spots for nature and beach lovers containing striking elements of nature such as admirable beaches, lush green forest, dense mountains, etc.