Hiroshima: You Will Love Hiroshima After Staying There

I found this city vibrant and home to great museums, galleries, and gardens despite the loss it has suffered. This city is the chilled place to hang out and try Japanese food, especially Okonomiyaki (Japanese pizza)

Places to see

Never ending love for the coastal region is sure to drag you up to The Shrine Island of Miyajima, which one of the shrines located on the coast of Japan. Occupying some 35 square kilometers of the Bay, the island is well – known for the church of Itsukushima. It is about 25 mins and 3 minutes walk away from Hiroshima Station. I loved spending time with the wild, yet friendly deer and of course exploring the island, famous for its exquisite gardens. 5 minutes’ walk away, explored Senjokaku’ Hall. After 10 minutes’ walk, there is a free shuttle that goes to the Momijidani Station to reach Mt. Misen from where It is possible to view both the Seto Island and the mountains together, from around 500 meters height, which is a high point, surrounded by incredible natural beauty.

My next highly recommended place, something different from the usual city tours is Sandankyo; it offers a unique perspective on the lives and the environment in the Hiroshima City. The trails are well marked and follow a river that has cut through a valley, leaving rapids and boulders in its path. It is characterized by well-marked paths and also contains a stream that bisects a valley. Also along the route are large rocks and stones that give it a very trek like feel. It is easy to reach from the Hiroshima Station; it takes about 1 hour 52 minutes to reach the place and the train drops by close to it. I loved the local cuisine after our Trek, especially The Tea House Charcoal Chicken.

Best stay in and around Hiroshima

I preferred hotels near the station, so APA Hotel Hiroshima-Ekimae Ohashi, a 4-minute walk away from JR Hiroshima Station was quite comfortable and affordable for me. K’s House Hiroshima hostels are also good to go.