Guide To Travelling To Genoa In The Northern Italy

Oh well, Italy in itself is a very beautiful place to travel and not a bad to place to live, work and have your favorite authentic pizzas and pasta. But this place has now somewhat become a place of regular tours and tourists and is a now a major pinpoint place to visit for a lot of people.

But if going apart from the common places and sites of interest in Italy, you can definitely explore and venture out different places that are less crowded and is yet blended into the lives of the common Italian natives.

The territory of Italy can be divided mainly into the Sardinia region, the northern part, southern and the central part which can be covered easily in about 15 days. Today we are going to talk about Genoa which is located in the northern part of Italy along with other places in the north which includes the famous Milan, Turin, and Venice.

The best way to enjoy two places in this part of Italy is to for you is to visit Turin followed by Genoa due to the short distance between the two places and has much less footfall. Genoa is a port city and is somewhat a forgotten place but you can surely enjoy some amazing food here.

Genoa has a lot of architecture hidden away like a pearl in the oyster. Spianata di Castelletto is a look point which gives an amazing 360-degree view of the city.

The central part of the city has spots to visit like the Porta Soprano Aka the old gates leading to the city, the fountain in Piazza De Ferrari and Cattedrale Di San Lorenzo.

We spent some good time near the harbor and the waterside restaurants wherein you at a likely to feel deeper and first-hand experience like a native.