Explore The Hidden Gems Of Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, was not in our plans initially, but we were fortunate to include it in the final stages, the city, although most of the time is overshadowed by the popularity of The Angkor Wat temples and Siem Reap, still has plenty of sightseeing and a peculiar charm that gives it a unique distinction. We reached Phnom Penh thinking that it was once a tragic war battleground, but nope, there are so many happy things around the city to enjoy. On top of it, the people are incredibly courteous.

Once a buzzing school with young stars, this is now a building of memory due to the detention center as it was used for during the genocide. Hundreds of thousands of prisoners died there due to the torture and hunger they were exposed to.


  • Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda

We needed this fresh change after visiting the tragic centers, located in the heart of the city; this is a type of Cambodian architecture and is the official residence of the ruling family of the country. The murals in the monument are intricate, and the gardens are exceptionally well – maintained. It provides a relaxing experience.

  • Wat Phnom

If you want to soak up your dose of serenity and peace, visit this temple which is located atop a hill. It is a center of Chinese Buddhism, and one can sight that through the idols, the interior artwork and the general rituals practiced there.

  • Have a walk along the river

The riverside area in the city is the best place to hang out with the local population of the country. In this process, we also saw plenty of vendors, food carts and handicraft shops, every moment, making us fall in love with the place.

There are plenty of delightful experiences waiting in the city of Phnom Penh. Plan an itinerary of at least 3 days exclusively for the capital, we promise, it will never disappoint you.