Collingwood: Exploring The Most Beautiful City Of Ontario

The plan to visit Collingwood definitely didn’t go in vain. The city has to offer an extensive range of attractions for the tourists. Believe it or not, it attracts a lot of crowds every year. I visited this city for the first time and it has been a great experience for me. Here are some of the attractions to check out when you are in Collingwood.

  • Sunset Point Park

Want to take a swim at the waterfront?  This is a beautiful park. What I loved about this park is that it well-maintained. In fact, when you go to take a swim, you will see the water temperature is also optimum. This means that you are not going to face any problems when you swim. Drop in at the ice-cream and burger parlor to satisfy your hunger pangs. It is also a good destination for picnic.

  • Georgian Trail

This is a great destination if you are planning to go for a bike ride. This beautifully maintained trail is smooth that you can paddle on without being scared. The green surrounding is simply a visual treat. If you are speed lover, this is the place to be.

  • Collingwood Museum

This tourist destination is the best place for history buffs. There are many historical artifacts to check out. I came to know that the artifacts that are on display here are made by the local tourists. You will be able to learn about the past. Shipbuilding had been an important activity and came to know this after I visited the museum. There is a gift shop where you will be able to get your souvenirs.

  • Tremont Studios

My love for food and art took me to this place. Check out the various artifacts and paintings that are display here. To satisfy your hunger pangs, drop in at the café restaurant with a rooftop. The food here is delectable. Spend some romantic time with your partner.